What is Good Content?


Seriously, what is it?!?!

In marketing, everyone beats the drum of creating good content. Don’t just sell your customer, create good content to engage them. Try and get them engaged. Make the content good. Good content engages the customer, so engage them with good content.

Hope you didn't miss that bit about content.

I used to be a car salesman, a used car salesman. I have also sold various products over my career, and have gone under many fancy names to hide the ‘sales’ part of me. Consultant. Specialist. Product specialist. Associate. Hardware Associate. Hearing Care Professional. I used to change my title every month for fun in car sales.

Unpopular opinion, marketing is another form of sales.

Marketers are semi-salespeople. They focus more on attracting customers and creating relationships between brands and customers. Salespeople focus on attracting customers, create good impressions and relationships. For the ultimate end goal. Get a conversion. Get a sale.

In sales, you just don’t start off with talking numbers on a product. Most advertising is like that, thumb through a newspaper for good (terrible) examples. If talking numbers right off the bat doesn't work in sales, it isn't going to work with marketing and advertising. So, what do you do

You build rapport. You create and distribute content that gets people to like you, your brand, your company. Good content relies on likeability. Salespeople do the same task. They ask about you, they talk about your interests, they take the time (hopefully) to get to know you. You start to feel appreciated, you start to like them because they like you. People buy products from people they like. People also buy from brands that like their interests too.

In my opinion, engagement is the deciding factor of whether the content is good or not. In sales, if you are able to build good rapport, the customer will engage with you in conversation and an eventual sale. If you do not make good rapport, you aren’t going anywhere. If you are making content that is un-engaging, you aren’t going any whether either.

That’s not the whole formula. Next time, I will be on targeting and prospecting.