Content is hardeasy

Yup, I made a new word. Hardeasy. And that is what good content is, it’s hardeasy. Let me explain with some knowledge.

The easy part of content creation is deciding what to use. Yup, that is the easy part. Finding pictures, videos, articles. Writing blogs. That is easy, since you have direct control over it. You personally curated or created it, it’s your baby.

Why do you think parents get so uppity when their kid isn't the ‘first pick.’

Because the hard part of content creation is having all that work you just put in, not pay off. Imagine if you made a month's worth of content for Instagram. Loaded it in Buffer, researched the hashtags, followed similar blogs.

And then nothing.

Sure you’ll get some followers, but at the end of the month you might be up by 10 followers, instead of the +500 you were aiming for.

That's what makes content heardeasy. It’s technically easier to put together. It’s hard to get it right the first time. Honestly, my best advice would be to change the content up every so often. Maybe one week of pictures, then follow it up with a week of videos. Maybe focus on articles after that.

Another big thing, especially on Instagram, is engagement. While sitting back and having the likes and follows come to you is much easier, like most good things in life, you have to go out and earn them too. You like the attention, so does everyone else. Go out and follow other people, like their content, comment on it. Since you are already taking the lead in the ‘conversation’, you will more than likely get a like and follow back.

It takes trial and error. Content isn’t something that can be completely put on autopilot, and then be expected to work.