Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? I knew from about the age of 5. On TV, I saw the unveiling of a car that I WILL but one day. The Plymouth Prowler. At the time, I lived in a small mountain town; most vehicles were trucks and a few sedans.


That car gave me the things down there before I even know what they were.

I decided that my ultimate goal in life was to be a ‘Car drawer.’ I wanted to draw cars, and have them be made. My parent assumed I wanted to be an engineer, and usually pushed me in that direction.

It was not until my freshman year in college I got up the nerve to say ‘no.’ I dropped out and went to a local community college that had a great art program. I had learned that to become a car designer, you need to be one hell of an artist. I worked for years, working with illustrator's, still life artists, oil paints. I became rather well known in the art department since I micro-focused on own subject matter.  I made a portfolio and showed it to a few professors.

Thumbs down from everyone.

In retrospect, I would have given myself thumbs down too.

I was kind of committed, but I was not tenacious, I never pushed myself that hard. I might draw for a few hours, but play video games for the rest of the day. OR spend time with my toxic girlfriend at the time. More on her later.


I wanted it, but I didn’t work for it. I always found an avenue to weasel away from hard work. I still question if I do that now. I will always questions whether it was the worst or best thing to happen to me, to be rejected from one of the best Automobile design schools in the world.

Reader, if there is something you want in life, something so bad that it keeps you up a night, that you physically ache from not having it, commit. Commit 110%.

That's how dreams happen. 110% commitment.