Are we still homeless?


I remember reading about 10 years ago, that online, we are homeless. What did that even mean? It’s a little fuzzy now, but from what I remember, the article talked about how we go online to either buy something or research something.

Keep in mind, during that time Social Media was in its infancy. Myspace was the big platform at the time, Facebook still required a college email to join. Youtube featured only self-made content. And I agree, at that time, we were homeless, nomads even.

Myspace wasn’t a place to market, or at least how we now interpret it. It was a place where the selfie was born(so many bathroom selfies), and a few walked their first steps in coding (Remember Tom’s myspace editor?). It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that it started to become a platform to market on.




Internet friend

I remember the first marketing-related profile I ran across was a profile for the Volkswagen GTI, pushing the whole ‘What does your fast look like’? Era. Unlike the paid advertisements that littered myspace, it was the first social media profile that focused on engaging their intended audience.

To an extent, it worked. Unlike the ad space Myspace sold, which we largely ignored, the Volkswagen profile was right in front of us.

In our new online homes.

I believe Social media websites became our ‘home.’ Like a home, you can close the doors and keep out the cold(or keep out the obnoxious paid ads)

The real trick is to slip inside the home, and have the audience's eyes on you