The small(er) screen

The small(er) screen PunchBold

There was a point in time when people believed television would kill of movie theatres. It already had gutted radio, and the idea of syndicated television was just getting started. The eyes of a potential customer where glues to the screen in the family room. Advertisement agencies knew that as well, be where your customer is.

Those same television focused eyes are still there, but like radio listeners of the past, those numbers are dwindling. Let me ask you this, how are you reading this article? Tablet, smartphone, desktop? How do you consume your content? Content such as new articles, videos, or movies. Where are your eyes focused?

It’s no surprise that we look at our devices daily; they are our lifeblood of the other world we live in. Older generations still cling to old methods of content delivery, but what of younger people, and to an extent, younger buyers. The simple fact of the matter is, the younger you can attract and a retain a customer earlier in their life, the more return sales you will get.

If that younger audience is binge-watching Netflix, do you think they will see your TV commercial? Especially when they don’t care to have cable.

Be where your audience is. The small(er) screen is where their eyes are. The audience doesn't have time for poorly made content, poorly targeted ads, or un-mobile optimized websites. Time is the ultimate commodity, and they know that. Don’t blow your one shot.