Why should people care about your business? What have you given to earn that ‘like’? Creating a website and throwing up a few ads on Facebook doesn’t get you very far. Most people are smart enough now to not click a ‘click-bait’ title. Let’s also be honest, why should they consider your product?

Advertising in the past was very simple. Make an ad explaining the benefits and value your product brings, find a medium to broadcast it on, and wait for customers to come in. That was great for newspaper and TV. It’s not great on social media.

We can now ignore what we don’t like, and not just by fast forwarding through commercials on TV. In Facebook newsfeeds, people have the option to hide ads they don’t like or care about. You can get shut down before you even had a chance.

People want to connect with brands they love. They also don’t want to be constantly ‘sold’ every time they hear from your company. Social websites are places go to get away from the outside world, and focus on what they like. The question is, how do you get likable?

Content. Content is king. Good content is king. Why do we like our friends? Because we have the same interests. We talk about them, argue about them. Why do we belong to certain political organizations, brand ourselves to be part of a group? Because we like them. We like them because we have the same interests. Brands need to create content that people like, allowing people to like the brand. It’s hard to like a brand when all you read about is their low prices.

That is the key. To be likable, you have to interest and engage your audience on their terms.

Photo by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash