How To Create a Retargeting Audience For Facebook in 2018

You know those creepy ads that follow you around on the internet? Yes, the ones that show you products that you were just looking at? Those are retargeting ads. Want to make those too and creep on your website visitors? 

The Facebook ads platform allows you to create ads and audiences that allow you to do just that. This brief post will explain how easy it is to create an audience to make those creepy-awesome retargeting ads.

So, to make a retargeting ad, we need to have two things done: the Facebook Pixel installed and create a special custom audience.

Need to install the Facebook Pixel on your Sqaurespace or a Shopify website? Click here:

Squarespace Install

Shopify Install

Adding in the pixel is simple enough. Depending if you have an e-commerce store or a landing page, make sure you have the correct pixel snippets installed. For example, if you have a sales funnel, and the customer only makes it to the order form and not the checkout, make sure you have the proper event pixel installed. You’ll know why in a second.

Before creating the retargeting audience, make sure you already have traffic going to your website or funnel. The pixel needs to collect data. This data is important since it is what will create the backbone of our retargeting audience. Now, let me show you how to create the retargeting audience.

Head over to the audience section on Facebook, and click the blue button labeled 'Create Audience.'

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.03.06 PM.png

In the new window, click on "Website Traffic," since we are getting our information form the pixel.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.03.19 PM.png

After that, select the data source to create the custom audience. For example, if you wanted to retarget people who have opted in as a lead, you would select 'Lead,' as shown below.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.09.19 PM.png

After you have named this audience and pressed the blue button "Create Audience," Facebook goes to work assembling the people who match this criteria. The audience will have a blue circle next to it's name, indicating that it is being constructed. Once it goes green, you can create an ad with this audience. To do so, simply select the audience, and click "Create Ad." You will then be taken to the campaign selection page, just like you would for a non-retargeting ad.

The mystery of retargeting ads is a bit comical, especially for Facebook. It really is just an audience that consists of nothing but people who have done a certain task. Now, with this new information, who will you retarget to?

Since your here, let me ask you this: does it feel like 'boosting' a post is just a waste of money? Check out my FREE 5-minute video training where I explain why your boosted post failed.

Social Media for Small Business - 3 Quick Tips

 Photo by mavoimages/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by mavoimages/iStock / Getty Images

It's no rumor that social media is the new 'word of mouth' for business. As a business owner, it is soooo tmepting to join in on the conversation, and to start promoting your business.

but....ask yourself this, do people want to hear form you? You want them to know you exsist, but how do you do it without being 'salesy.' Chekc my video below for my 3 tips.

Facebook Doesn't Like Your Organic Reach

 Photo by  David East  on  Unsplash

Photo by David East on Unsplash

Does it feel like whenever you post on Facebook, the reach is practically nothing? Post after post, and none of it goes anywhere. I’m with you too, I have been working my clients Facebook business pages for a few months, and while I have been able to turn them around, I just feel like they aren’t growing at the right pace. Maybe it’s my greed, we want our clients' pages to perform well. You love watching their business grow and mature. Do you feel like it’s still worth it posting on Facebook?

Let’s break down some facts about Facebook's Organic Reach.

  • In June of 2016, Facebook optimized its algorithm to emphasize content posted by friends and family.

  • Facebook admitted in 2014 that is was giving less reach to pages.

  • Some pages even only get about 2% reach.

Crap, so what do you do? Furthermore, what if you are a small local business? I have a few suggestions:

  • I recommend checking out my Facebook Local Group Hack, which has tremendously increased my reach of my clients' posts.

  • Optimize your audience when you post. I didn’t even realize this was an option. Good article explains it here.

  • Similar to Instagram, there are good times to post on Facebook. Typically between 1 and 3 pm are the golden hours. This article takes it more in depth.

While part of me would love to ditch Facebook, I can’t with so many users, it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the potentially HUGE amount of customers who are users. I’m not giving up on Facebook just yet.

Neither should you. Give the above recommendations a try, and let me know how they work.


Facebook Local Marketing For Free

 Photo by  Artur Pokusin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Artur Pokusin on Unsplash

Facebook isn’t what it used to be. Organic reach is on life support; it feels like no matter what you post to your followers, they don’t get it.

Facebook is more than happy to let you boost posts for only $X though.

So, as a marketer or business owner on a shoestring budget, how do you reach more people? Besides sharing everything from your business page to your personal profile, what do you do? In my opinion, Facebook groups are a mostly untapped gold-mine for free advertising. These groups will have thousands of local members, actively check out new posts, all ready to be marketed too. However, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Let's stick to what works.

These are my three steps to getting your local business out there on Facebook.

Step 1 Fill out all the basics

Make sure your entire Facebook business page is filled out. That means everything. Phone number, address, and good pictures. Pictures are a must, they communicate what your business is about so much better than words. Make sure the pictures are in good lighting and not pixelated either. People do search using Facebook search for a product or service. Having it properly filled out in all sections with good-looking pictures makes your business look much more credible than a business page that has almost nothing.

Step 2 Craft pleasing marketing

Having good pictures is one thing, having good looking marketing material is another. When it comes to advertisements, use good software. Don't worry, you don't have to invest in Photoshop. My recommendation for simple yet beautiful marketing material is Canva. This tool allows you to make beautiful visuals either from scratch or from one of their templates. Oh yeah, it’s free and easy to use too. This can allow you to design your own promotions to post on your page. Or, you can use the design of traditional marketing, such as paper flyer. But, we are here to utilize Facebook. Let's get to that.

Step 3 The keys to the city

Facebook groups. Time to do some digging. What I look for are buy and sell groups that are based in a local area. From what I have noticed, most have the towns they focus on in the description. Make sure you read those, some groups only allow business postings on certain days. Some don’t allow any. I personally have a spreadsheet that has the group's name, URL and group member count. This allows me to keep the groups organized, and helps me share efficiently. I also, as a service, post my clients promotions from their Facebook business pages to these local groups. A small Tip: copy and paste the text of your post into each new shared post for a clear Call To Action. Rinse and repeat. Now your promotion is in front of thousands of Facebook users.

For free.